Taking the Complicated
out of Compliance

Taking the Complicated out of Compliance

We make it easy for you to organize, manage and automate privacy regulations and information security standards  – making your privacy programme compliant and efficient.

Hundreds of companies automate their privacy compliance with Wired Relations

Thriving in the trust economy

Organizations utilizing personal data in a transparent way are 168 % more profitable.

Data mapping - better data decisions

Structured mapping of your data, systems and vendors will provide you with a unique overview, making it easy to make decisions.

Automate governance - demonstrate compliance

Wired Relations make it easy to automate controls. We integrate all the controls from ISO 27001, making it easy to demonstrate compliance.

When we saw Wired Relations “in action” it was clear to see that this would be the tool that would help us get the structure and the ownership that we lacked, and we were quite excited to say the least.

Oleg Parinov

Product Manager, Vivino

We looked at different systems and some of them were too cluttered. Wired Relations is a simple system – not to sound negative. But it is easy for people to approach.

Louise Heilskov

Legal Counsel, LOGSTOR

ISO 27001 work is extensive. We are working on our information security, operation, communication, etc. With Wired Relations we can now make that happen in a way that is not administratively heavy.

Sabrina Eisele

Corporate Developer, EasyTranslate

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