Keep your documents updated with information from Wired Relations

If your company normally works in Microsoft Excel and wish to have specific information from Wired Relations included in your documents, it is now possible by integrating Wired Relations with Microsoft Excel. Perhaps you would like created a new document every time a new system or vendor has been created in Wired Relations. Or perhaps you wish to add/delete a row or column with information to an existing document when information about processing activities or users has been updated/deleted. The possibilities are many and you can tailor the integration to meed your needs.

It is easy to integrate Microsoft Excel and Wired Relations

1) Get started with your free trial

2) Go to “Settings” –> “Integrations” and choose Zapier

3) Click on “Contact us” and we enable the connection to Zapier where you can tailor your integration as you wish

Your integration is now ready for use!

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