Customer story with Oleg Parinov from Vivino

4. June 2020

Maia Norstved Skøtt


Software as a Service

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More than
150 employees


Missing ownership and understanding of GDPR


Cross 3 continents

“We have regained ownership of our GDPR process”

The case study is based on an interview with Oleg Parinov, who is Product Manager and is in charge of GDPR compliance at Vivino. Oleg Parinov was selected for this role because of his all-round insight in the data flow of the business.

From a detached external GDPR partner to GDPR being included in decision-making processes

Today Vivino is not just the most downloaded wine app. It is directly changing the behavior of more than 43 million users by giving them access to the world’s largest online wine marketplace. But with that many users, your GDPR processes need to run as smoothly as possible.

“We started out delegating most of the GDPR work to an external partner. We knew it was a big challenge and we needed help. Later, we realized that delegating the work to some extent detached us. We lost the overview and deeper understanding of what the new rules meant for our business, and that made it difficult to assess how we should take GDPR into account in our decision-making”, Oleg Parinov said.

To gain a more integrated knowledge of GDPR in the company, a decision was made to test Wired Relations GDPR software. Oleg Parinov was one of the selected people that was given the task to take a look at the automation software. “I remember the feeling that, finally we found something that would define a structure for our GDPR work. Our strategy so far had been to let an external person, who knew a lot about GDPR, handle it. The problem was that we transferred all the ownership to an external person, which is a bad idea to do with something as crucial as GDPR compliance”, Oleg Parinov said.

“When we saw Wired Relation in action, we figured, that this could be the place where we could get the structure and ownership we were missing. We got quite excited.” – Oleg Parinov


Why Wired Relations?

If you ask Oleg Parinov what’s benefits Vivino has gained using Wired Relations except for the regained ownership he answers:

  • Before the GDPR process was mainly driven by an external partner, now it’s driven by us.
  • We spend less resources on GDPR consulting.
  • We got a deeper understanding of the GDPR process.
  • The structure and overview of our GDPR process was improved.
  • We were able to take control of the direction in the GDPR work.

“Basically, if you ever doubt, are we still on track with our GDPR compliance – Wired Relations will be a great system for you”

Oleg Parinov would not hesitate to recommend companies to use Wired Relations if they have any doubt, that their company is GDPR compliant:

“I would definitely recommend the product to companies who have doubts whether their GDPR compliance is up-to-date and do not have an easy way to check it. If you wonder is there anything new that has been recently established missing? Is the structure we have built valid? Is there anything not documented to fit the current state of things? Basically, if you ever doubt, are we still on track with our GDPR compliance – Wired Relations will be a great system for you”, Oleg Parinov said.

Maia Norstved Skøtt

Maia er uddannet sociolog ved Københavns Universitet og arbejder hos Wired Relations som data analytiker, projektleder/Scrum master på privacy migreringsprojekter.

Hun har en særlig interesse for at analysere og optimere den måde mennesker kommunikerer med hinanden om privacy og sikkerhed, hvordan man samarbejder i grupper, facilitering af møder/brainstorm sessions og psykosocialt arbejdsmiljø i privacy og sikkerheds kontekst.

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