Senior Backend Developer

Senior Backend Developer in Copenhagen, Denmark

Wired Relations has built a flexible and easy-to-use privacy management tool that allows organisations to maintain GDPR compliance in a smart and automated way. What organisations love most about the software is the structure and overview it provides, because it allows them to maintain privacy compliance in the most cost-efficient way.

Wired Relations are looking for a strong backend developer to strengthen the team and play a key role in the evolution and continued growth of the SaaS platform.

What you get
First of all you get an interesting technical challenge and the opportunity to learn and grow with the platform and team.

A modern tech stack consists of a Java/Spring Boot backend built as micro services. The frontend is React and the whole SaaS platform is delivered from AWS using Kubernetes and Apache Kafka. You will also find AI/ML built with Python and a wish to start using Jenkins X as a basis for a fast CI/CD pipeline.

You also get to become part of a fast-growing start-up where you will work with high levels of freedom and responsibility and as a key player when future technology decisions are made. You can read more about Wired Relations and the team here.

About you
The most important qualification is your personality. We are looking for people with passion and energy who want to be part of something bigger and dedicate their time and skills towards building a great product in collaboration with talented and friendly colleagues.

For hard skills we are looking for a developer with good knowledge of modern software architecture. Your education and previous jobs have given you serious technical skills and a desire to be hands on solving complex challenges with simple solutions.


    • Cooperate with and lead by example a team of talented and dedicated developers
    • Taking the lead in conceptualising and designing technical solutions
    • Ensuring a proper level of test automation, and a good balance in non-functional requirements
    • Building solid software artifacts that are easy to manage and scale with a focus on automation
    • Working with a development approach with focus on intuitiveness and value for customer
    • Leading issue management routines, problem solving, communication and follow up routines
    • Working in an agile development team
    • Clearly documenting what needs to be documented, and not just for the sake of documents.
    • Ensuring that all parts of our SaaS solution are covered in a professional manner including security, availability, reliability, scalability, maintainability etc.

Should you apply?
Well, if you consider yourself a senior developer with at least 5 years of experience with Java development and Spring Boot you are well on your way. If you also have solid experience with developing cloud based solutions preferably on AWS and with Kubernetes you are even closer. If you in addition to all that have experience with Apache Kafka, JenkinsX and Python it will make your life easier in the beginning. It would be great if you have worked in a DevOps environment and have a desire to work with CI/CD. Experience with React is an added plus. In short: You don’t need to be able to tick off everything to apply; most important is that you are a senior backender with a great track record.

How to apply?
Kold+Partners are handling the recruiting process. Our process is fast, transparent and tailored to your needs. We are conscious of your time and the fact that you are busy in your daily life. Read more about our approach and your journey as a candidate here.

Please submit your application and resume via Kold+Partners. If you have any questions regarding the job or Wired Relations, feel free to contact Peter Kold, Head Recruiter, on +45 29 89 09 03 or at




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