Wired Relations launches its privacy management software in UK

28. januar 2021

Jacob Høedt Larsen

On January 28 (International Data Protection Day), Danish-based Wired Relations, launches its privacy management software in the UK market. Wired Relations targets small- and medium sized businesses with easy-to-use privacy management software to help companies comply with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

Companies of all sizes need to comply with various privacy laws which puts a burden on them, especially small and medium sized companies with limited budget and privacy management resources.

“Those companies have had to either invent their own spreadsheets-based system or buy software tailored to the needs of much more complex compliance issues. Either way, they are left with a set-up that can be expensive, administratively heavy and more complicated than necessary,” says Julian Hicks, CIPP/E, our UK based Sales Engineer.


Wired Relations was founded in 2017 and since then the founders have built the system with the Scandinavian design ethos: Simplicity. Therefore, the system is designed specifically to handle GDPR and ISO requirements, the regulations that most SME’s are tasked with.

The company has most of its customers in the Nordic countries and grew by 522 per cent last year. The company surpasses 30 employees at the end of February.

Now they are ready to enter the UK market.

“We have a well-developed product now. Hundreds of companies and public authorities in the Nordics love it for its simplicity and logic. We believe that the UK market will take it to heart too, “ says Gilli Haraldsen, founder of Wired Relations.

Big ambitions, on behalf of the customers

Wired Relations plans for success in the UK. Whereas many software companies are only focused on growth, Wired Relations has a slightly different formula.

“In the Nordics we are very customer-centric. We invest heavily in having a team of privacy practitioners and legal and information security experts to help our customers get a good start to using Wired Relations. That has been a formula for success in the Nordics, and one we will bring to the UK,” says Gilli Haraldsen.

You are always welcome to reach out to us and have a chat. Call us at +44 20 3966 8583.

Jacob Høedt Larsen

Head of Communications hos Wired Relations

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