Worry-free Management of IT- systems, Vendors and Data Protection

Your Data Protection is About to be Digitized. No more Excel and Word.

Wired Relations is the alternative to manual handling in Excel as well as complex compliance systems. In a structured way, you create the company’s systems and personal information, etc., after which you can use the information crosswise in the processes as well as in various tables and visual overview.

Structure, Overview and Control

When the data is structured you have several possibilities for use and documentation. With Wired Relations you and your team can easily search and document where personal data on employees, customers, suppliers, etc. is being processed.

Manage System Owners, DPA’s and Contracts

With Wired Relations you get overview of all relevant knowledge about all systems in one place.

Enrich the Systems with More Information

With Wired Relations, you have the opportunity to attach more relevant knowledge to each system, such as supplier, contact information, etc. Thus, you can store all relevant information about the company’s systems in one place.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Powered by, Wired Relations unique software lets you Quick Create all your it-systems and vendors from a GDPR-prescreened Master Database, gather all your compliance documents, be guided through the documentation of your processing of personal data, and keep it all up-to-date in one single platform.

Connections, Data flow and Integrations

Your company’s systems are connected, either through integrations or manual data transfer. Wired Relations creates an overview of connections between all your systems with data flow.

Mapping of Processing Activities

The mapping of Processing Activities in Wired Relations is a digitization of the typical Excel sheets used by advisers. Several examples of Processing Activities and a standard questionnaire are included. You can also modify the questionnaire (s) with a large selection of text boxes, multiple choice, search & select, dropdown etc.

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