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Simplify your compliance with a user-friendly and time-saving privacy and security management solution that’s easily integrated and automates your processes.

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How Wired Relations makes life easier for privacy professionals

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Systems & Vendors – pinpoint your data

Automatically connect your System and Vendors repositories to your privacy management program.

  • Get control of your Systems and Vendors.
  • Integrate into your existing ecosystem, and connect data across IT, Procurement and Legal for easy access and efficient workflows.

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Processing activities – connect the dots

Get a structured overview of your processes, collaborate across departments, and build a simple, coherent and time-saving privacy management program.

  • Use our simple data mapping tool, or easily import your existing record.
  • Auto-collect data from your Systems and Vendors, and demonstrate compliance in one click.

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Risk Assessment – manage your risks

Assess and mitigate risks in simple, straightforward steps – auto-calculate risk scores before and after risk mitigation, and target your organisation’s risk management.

  • View your risk assessments and scores in a risk matrix and get a precise overview.
  • Connect to relevant assets, e.g. Systems, Vendors or Processing Activities, and evaluate risks on a higher level.

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Governance – prepare for audit

Prepare for and maintain ISAE 3000, ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and other certifications with our intuitive security framework, so you’re always audit-ready.

  • Autogenerate or add ISAE 3000, ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and custom controls, and define policies and procedures in collaboration.
  • Assign responsibility, define target groups, keep track of your progress, and auto-populate your governance and SoA documents.

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All essential tools for a professional privacy program


Get an overview of all systems and personal data stored in the organisation.


Keep track of your data controllers, data processors and DPAs.

Processing Activities

Map out your organisation's processing of personal data and autopopulate your RoPA.

Risk Assessment

Assess and mitigate risks for the organisation and the data subject.


Prepare for and maintain ISAE 3000, ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and other certifications.


Manage Transfer Impact Assessments (TIA), Data Processing Impact Assessments (DPIA), Vendor Assessments, etc.

Incident Manager

Document and manage your security incidents and easily identify vulnerabilities across the system.

Task Manager

Create an annual wheel of tasks and delegate responsibility to automate your compliance.

User Management

Manage access levels, collect inputs and assign responsibility across the organisation.

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