The Wired Relations partner program enables you to establish new business.


Referral Program

Refer a friend or customer to Wired Relations – they will get the first month for free and you get a reward of 1000 DKK. Our team will support the sales process from A to Z.

Reseller Program

Resell Wired Relations to your customers. You’ll get a dedicated GDPR specialist to support you and your customer through the sales and onboarding process.

Advisor Program

Use Wired Relations to manage your customers’ privacy projects. You will get a discount for each customer you connect to Wired Relations and unlimited support from our team.

What you get as partner


The Wired Relations platform is tailored to accommodate the specific needs of your customers. It is a user-friendly tool for both small and large organisations.


As a partner of Wired Relations you will have unlimited to our team that will assist you in all steps of the process from sales to onboarding.

Knowledge base

You’ll get access to our large knowledge base containing onboardign guides and professional articles about best practice within GDPR, security and compliance.

More customers

The partnership is two-sided. In the same way as you help your customers finding us we will help our customers finding you.

Become partner today

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