Streamline your compliance work in Wired Relations with a good task management software

If you normally use Trello for your task management or are considering to start using it, we can highly recommend integrating it with Wired Relations. It is in general a great idea to have program that keeps track of all your tasks to help you to have best practice within the process and making sure you finish the project on time. By integrationg Trello and Wired Relations you get a dynamic duo where all tasks created in Wired Relations will be added to and synchronized with your general task management in Trello. You can as always tailor the integration to meed your exact needs.

It is easy to integrate Trello and Wired Relations

1) Get started with your free trial

2) Go to “Settings” –> “Integrations” and choose Zapier

3) Click on “Contact us” and we enable the connection to Zapier where you can tailor your integration as you wish

Your integration is now ready for use!

Want to see it live in 2 minutes?

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