Connect your favorit systems to Wired Relations with Zapier

Zapier is a system that lets you connect hundreds of systems to each other. This makes your work easier and more efficient as well as it minimize the risk of errors that can happen in manual transfers of content between platforms. The program is very flexible and lets you tailor how you want to connect the two systems so it fits your exact needs. By integrating Zapier and Wired Relations you enable the possibility of connecting all your activities in Wired Relations with the rest of your companies systems.

It is easy to integrate Zapier and Wired Relations

1) Get started with your free trial

2) Go to “Settings” –> “Integrations” and choose Zapier

3) Click on “Contact us” and we enable the connection to Zapier where you can tailor your integration as you wish

Your integration is now ready for use!

Want to see it live in 2 minutes?

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